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We offer a full range of specialized security services including armed and unarmed, plainclothes and formal wear security personnel. We have experience in deploying security personnel for business meetings as well as the entertainment industry events, all the while, working discreetly and efficiently, with the highest degree of professionalism, to ensure a safe and incident free event. 

Protective Services: Specializing in Personal/Executive Protection for   VIP’s, Pirvate Individuals, Corporate Executives and Celebrities.

Estate ProtectionProvides professional services of the highest quality for estates, homes, and gated communities both with live-in residence and absentee owners.

Asset ProtectionProvides secure escorts and protective services to clientèle who handle high-value commodities.

Travel SecurityWhether traveling for business or pleasure, either by private or commercial transportation, we can provide agents for the protection of clients, their families and temporary housing.

Crisis Intervention There are times in business when the need arises for special protective services due to unexpected events.  For example, a business  may go through certain emotional events  such as layoffs, mergers, labor disputes which could escalate to threats of violence against personnel or management.

Workplace Violence: Offers an immediate response and intervention to a developing crisis or violent incident in the workplace.

Threat AssessmentThreat Assessments are tailored to an individual client’s needs.   Site surveys, vulnerability studies, advance conference locations, hotels, and different modes of transportation.